Our Partnership

Wagyu Sekai Incorporated , Canada. Owned By Ken Kurosawatu – Our Mentor

We have partnered with Ken and Wagyu Sekai to produce an exclusive Wagyu Sekai South Africa herd.
Ken Kurosawatsu grew up in Canada on a dairy farm, near Puslinch, Ontario with registered Holstein cows on a farm called Nipponia. Ken’s family relocated to Canada from Japan and were also interested in Wagyu. “After Ifinished high school I was in Japan for 5 years, working with Wagyu, and this was my secondary education,” he says.

“In 1994 we established Wagyu Sekai (which means Wagyu World in Japanese) and then I had an opportunity to work for World K’s in Japan. At that time this company had just exported their first shipment of full blood Wagyu from Japan to the U.S. “I worked with World K’s for 4 years, and then went to work as a trainee in a Wagyu feeding operation in Hyogo Prefecture. After a year of working there, I moved back to Canada. By that time, my father had purchased three female pregnancies and one male pregnancy from World K’s, and additional fullblood pregnancies were already on the way. The first fullblood Wagyu animal born outside of Japan was on our farm, in June 1994,” he says. “At that point we diversified and started raising Wagyu along with the dairy cattle and have concentrated solely on the Wagyu since 2009.

Today, we have more than 150 full blood Wagyu. We market our embryos, semen and live animals, and we introduced Wagyu cattle to Brazil, Argentina and other countries,” Ken explains.“Our operation sells live animals, embryos, etc. to different parts of the world, but the other important part of our program is producing and feeding true Wagyu beef for our local markets. In this breed, the only way you can actually determine the success of your breeding program and the quality of your Wagyu genetics is to know how your beef is turning out.

Rising Sun Wagyu Stud is also privileged to represent Legendary Akaushi Genetics in South Africa!