• Even small herds on smaller pieces of land are extremely profitable.
  • They are easy to manage, and it costs the same to feed a Jersey calf as a Wagyu calf, but the Wagyu is worth ten times more.
  • They have become ‘glamorous’ and the meat is highly sought after by high end restaurants.
  • Their meat is marbled with healthy, monounsaturated fats that do not raise cholesterol, and it provides a gourmet treat of tenderness and taste while still being good for those on kilojoule-controlled diets.
  • The meat is naturally lower in sodium than other red meats.






Nutrition is Key!

We have developed an optimal feeding program for our animals. For the Wagyu to maintain the unique marbling that is essential for the ‘Wagyu Difference,’ sound nutritional principles need to be observed.

Their nutrition has to be natural and clean, so we mix it ourselves to be in control of it. Their energies are mostly derived from fats so instead of giving them a sugary mix, our mixes are higher in protein and fat.

Basically, it consists of:

  • 40% Maize silage – the whole mealie plant which is cut while it is wet, chopped up and fermented for natural preservation. The sugars are released during fermentation and the nutritional value is increased and it becomes high in Vit.B.
  • The balance consists of Harmony Chop – the kernel and husk left behind when maize meal is made, giving oils (from the kernel) and fibre from the husks.
  • Natural proteins from sunflower oil cake – the husks remaining after the oil has been pressed – and excellent quality fresh green lucerne and pasture grass are added to the mix.
  • Natural supplementation ensures good vitamin and mineral balance.