Why Wagyu

Today Rising Sun Wagyu is an inspiration and example of how you can start from small, but well researched beginnings to grow your Wagyu herd into a noticeable, profitable business with sound genetics as the imperative factor.

The Wagyu breed originates in Japan and simply means “Japanese cow”. The Japanese exported Wagyu cattle primarily to the US and Australia, but in the early 90s, they realised that they were losing control of one of their most valuable assets and they halted all exports. Other countries thus have worked with genetic material from the US and Australia to produce their herds.

The USA has the highest population of Purebred Wagyu – cattle which have been bred by crossing Wagyu with local breeds. Australia has the largest population of registered Full bloods outside Japan and annually registers about three times the number in USA.  In Australia Wagyu has been the fastest growing breed for 30 years successively.

Wagyu are produced on every continent. The Australian and American Wagyu Associations have members in the following countries: South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rico, Mexico, Uruguay, USA, Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines and Vietnam, Denmark, England, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, Sweden.

Benefits of farming Wagyu

  • Even small herds on smaller pieces of land are extremely profitable.
  • They are easy to manage, and it costs the same to feed a Jersey calf as a Wagyu calf, but the Wagyu is worth ten times more.
  • They have become ‘glamorous’ and the meat is highly sought after by high end restaurants.
  • Their meat is marbled with healthy, monounsaturated fats that do not raise cholesterol, and it provides a gourmet treat of tenderness and taste while still being good for those on kilojoule-controlled diets.
  • The meat is naturally lower in sodium than other red meats.